Tye Dillinger
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

WWE Battleground Results: Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English – Kick-Off Show

Kickoff Show:

Before the match, English sing.. and stuff. Unfortunately, Dillinger let’s him finish.

English and Dillinger lock up. English knocks Dillinger down with a shoulder block. English bows over Dillinger. Dillinger gets to his feet. Dillinger takes English over with an arm bar. Dillinger does the perfect 10 taunt in English’s face. Dillinger stomps English in the corner as the crowd chants “10!” English decks Dillinger. English blasts Dillinger with a running back elbow in the corner. After a short break, English knees Dillinger in the back before locking in a rear chin lock. Dillinger tries to fight to his feet. Dillinger backs English in the corner. English clubs Dillinger in the back. English attempts a splash off the top but Dillinger dropkicks him in midair. Dillinger fires up and calls for the Tye Breaker. English rolls out of the ring to avoid it. English gets back in the ring and walks into a spine buster. Dillinger sits English on the top rope. Dillinger tries a suplex but English fights him off. English lands a cross body off the top. Dillinger rolls through and gets a two count. English hits a DDT for another near fall. English mocks the perfect 10 taunt. English picks up Dillinger for the Tye Breaker. Dillinger counters into a sunset flip. English starts to lose it but he gathers himself. Dillinger goes for his mounted corner punches. English drops Dillinger face first on the ring post. English hits his finisher for the win.

Winner – Aiden English