WWE Raw Results
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WWE Raw Results (11/7/22)

WWE Raw ResultsWWE Raw Results 

November 7, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: The Usos and Solo Sikoa

Jimmy notes that the Bloodline was victorious at WWE Crown Jewel. Moving on to new business, on SmackDown, they will beat the New Day and become the longest-reigning champions in WWE history. The New Day interrupts. Woods promises that their record of 483 days will stay intact. Jey and Jimmy give Woods and Kingston their props. Jimmy tells them they should be happy to be the second-best tag team in WWE. Woods says the Usos are chasing them, not the other way around. Woods says the Usos built their reputations off of the backs of their cousins, uncles, and fathers. Jimmy and Jey yell about the New Day, not understanding the pressure they have been under.

Woods goes off on the fact that, at one point, they didn’t even know if they would have jobs. The Usos can’t tell them about pressure. Jey tells Kingston if they didn’t forfeit a tag team match years ago, there wouldn’t have been a “Kofi Mania.” Riddle interrupts and wants to calm things down. Riddle is wearing his bongos… still. Riddle tells everyone to hit his bong. Woods and Kingston oblige. When Riddle asks Jimmy to join in, he does. Riddle has to tell Jimmy to stop. You have to puff puff pass the bongo. Riddle turns to Jey. Jey slaps the bongos. Riddle gets pissed and challenges the Bloodline to a six-man match tonight.

The New Day and Matt Riddle vs. The Usos and Solo Sikoa

The New Day trap Jey in the corner. Riddle and The New Day blast Jey with the unicorn stampede. Woods works over Jey’s elbow. Riddle tags in and eats an enziguri. Riddle sends Jey over the top rope. As Riddle attempts a springboard floating bro, Sikoa decks Riddle. Riddle tumbles out to the floor.  After the break, the Usos and Sikoa work over Riddle. Riddle manages to tag in Woods. Woods and Kingston land a flurry of double-team moves.

Woods tries to rolls up Sikoa, but he won’t go down. Sikoa stomps Woods. Kingston lands a crossbody off the top. Kingston fires up and sets up Trouble in Paradise. Sikoa reverses it into a belly-to-belly. Sikoa sends Kingston flying into the announce desk. After the break, Kingston surprises Sikoa with Tornado DDT. Kingston tags in Riddle. Riddle clears the ring. Riddle misses a dive. Jey catches Riddle with a pop-up neck breaker. Jimmy tries a splash but gets trapped in a triangle. Jey breaks up the submission. Sikoa gets a blind tag. Riddle eventually drops Jimmy an RKO. Sikoa sneaks in and destroys Riddle with Spinning Solo for the win.

Winners- The Bloodline

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