jinder mahal
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Former World Heavyweight Champion Returns at WWE Battleground; Interferes in Main Event Punjabi Prison Match

Well, here’s a sentence nobody predicted would be uttered in 2017… Former World Heavyweight Champion the Great Khali made his return to the squared circle at WWE Battleground Sunday night, assisting WWE Champion Jinder Mahal to a victory over Randy Orton inside the Pubjabi Prison.

Everybody got the giggles out of their system? Alright.

Great Khali hasn’t been seen in a WWE ring since being manhandled by the “Bulgarian Brute” Rusev in October 2014. The seven-foot giant is, at least in pro wrestling continuity, the originator of the extremely rare Pubjabi Prison match. Before Battleground it hadn’t been seen in nearly 10 years.

Interestingly, every member of Jinder Mahal’s new Indian alliance might actually be related within the WWE storyline universe. Jinder was originally introduced as Great Khali’s brother-in-law. It was later revealed that Khali’s manager and translator Ranjin Singh was also his brother. Unless the company really couldn’t come up with another Indian-sounding surname, that likely means Jinder’s bodyguards Shira and Samir Singh are also a part of the family. Given that Kurt Angle recently revealed Jason Jordan as his long-estranged son from a college fling, I’d say anything is possible in WWE Land in 2017.