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Reaction To Kurt Angle’s WWE Raw Storyline So Far

Source: YouTube.com
Source: YouTube.com

This second of four Chair Shot Reality videos kicks off with Josh Isenberg talking NXT.

Then, it goes back to the studio for Justin LaBar, Juice Springsteen and Ronnell Hunt talking the Kurt Angle storyline with Jason Jordan. Here’s an excerpt:

Juice Springsteen: They didn’t do a mistress thing, which is good cause it would get ruined. If it’s Jordan backstabbing to get to top or Angle legit helping Jordan to further his in-ring and not have a ridiculous mistress thing than I’m all for it.

Justin LaBar: It needs to be the backstabbing. As soon as he was revealed a few weeks ago, they cut to the commentator table and Booker T said this could turn into a conflict of interest. That’s going to happen and this is going to build. Then you have Corey Graves, he’s in the know, he knows something and keeps pointing out how he’s known Jason Jordan since they came into NXT.

For more of the conversation, check out the video below: