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‘Ballers’ Reportedly Makes The Rock One of TV’s Highest Paid Actors, John Cena Reportedly ‘Calls Audible’ During Raw Beach Ball Mania

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Which WWE Star Was Responsible for Beach Ball Mania on WWE Raw?

As seen on WWE Raw last night, Beach Ball Mania carried over from SummerSlam at the Barclays Center, and the fans added the wave to their repertoire.

According to, John Cena was likely responsible for the rowdiness of the crowd, as he apparently called an audible during a commercial break and had The Miz rip the Brooklyn crowd for their behavior on Raw and at SummerSlam. This then lead to John Cena egging and cheering the crowd on, so they continued the behavior throughout Raw. After the show went off the air, John Cena cut a promo putting over the beach ball and the wave.

‘Ballers’ Reportedly Makes The Rock One of TV’s Highest Paid Actors

According to a new report by, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was the second highest paid actor from June 2016 to June 2017, having made $65 million in the year. Johnson trailed on “Ballers” producer Mark Wahlberg, who made $68 million.

In related news, if having the distinction of being one of the highest paid actors in movies is not enough, Variety is reporting that HBO’s “Ballers” has made Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also one of the highest paid actors in TV. The newly published report speculates that the former WWE Champion makes about $650,000 per episode of the show: