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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Results: The Biggest Fight of a Generation, New Champion Crowned in Undercard

Our coverage of tonight’s Mayweather vs McGregor on SHOWTIME PPV kicks off at 9:00 PM EST with the pre-show and preliminary bouts at 6:00 PM EST. All results courtesy of our friends at Sherdog.com.

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Juan Heraldez def. Jose Miguel Borrego via unanimous decision (96-93, 97-92, 97-92)

Antonio Hernandez def. Kevin Newman via unanimous decision (57-56, 59-54, 59-54)

Savannah Marshall def. Sydney LeBlanc via unanimous decision (40-36, 40-36, 40-36)

Yordenis Ugas def. Thomas Dulorme via unanimous decision (94-91, 93-92, 93-92)


Andrew Tabiti def. Steve Cunningham via unanimous decision (97-93, 97-93, 100-90)

Badou Jack def. Nathan Cleverly via TKO at 2:47 of Round 5

Gervonta Davis def. Francisco Fonseca via KO at 0:39 of Round 8


Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor


Robert Byrd is third man in the ring for this, the biggest fight in combat sports history. The stare down isn’t fierce, but Byrd strongly reminds McGregor that this is a fight under boxing rules. They touch gloves and the fight is on. McGregor comes right at Mayweather, who backs into the ropes and blocks the punches. McGregor throws to the body and then lands a slight left to the head. v hasn’t punched yet as he feels his foe out. Floyd misses a right to the head and then eats a straight left. Mayweather lands a glancing right to the head and the goes to the body. They trade jabs to the body and then McGregor misses as left up top. Floyd comes in and is tagged by a glancing left uppercut but shakes it off. Mayweather throws only a few punches and it’s definitely a McGregor round.


Conor backs Mayweather into a neutral corner and tosses out a few punches but Floyd dodges them. Floyd laces the Irishman with a straight right, but it’s not flush. McGregor is keeping away behind a jab but it’s not finding a home. McGregor switches his stance and launches four tapping lefts, though Floyd blocks them all. Mayweather misses a right the head, but McGregor is not in position to counter. Conor gets inside and throws a flurry of pitter-patter lefts, all of which are blocked. McGregor ties Mayweather up and punches to the head form behind, but Byrd warns him.


Conor slowly backs Mayweather into a corner and tosses out a flurry, but nothing lands. When Floyd comes at him and gets inside, the Irishman taps him repeatedly with punches to the gloves and head. Mayweather drills a straight right to the body and then is tied up. McGregor goes to the body with a left and then pops Floyd on the top of the head a few times in the clinch. Mayweather walks into a right jab and smiles before lacing another right to the body. McGregor is very active with his jab, but it’s more of a flicking/waving type of attack. McGregor gets inside and when Floyd ducks down, he’s hit with a short punch to the top of the head.


Floyd backs into the ropes as soon as the round begins and McGregor swarms him with shots to the body and head, though almost all are blocked. Mayweather is continuously ducking down low, covering up and allowing McGregor to tie him up. They finally exchange in the center of the ring, both landing decent punches. Mayweather lands a sharp right to the face, but Conor takes it well. Conor is backing away a little as Floyd digs a right to the body and then a short left to the head. McGregor comes with with a pair of sharp jabs, though. Mayweather covers up and takes a few shots to the body but then fires a right to the head. McGregor answers with a left upstairs late. It’s a better round action-wise but again.


McGregor uses the jab early and lands a few while Mayweather grins at him. Mayweather is coming forward now, going to the body. Floyd rifles a hard right to the body and Conor backs off. Another. Mayweather laces his foe with a sharp right to the head and continues to stalk the Irishman, who is on his bike a little bit. Floyd stays close to Conor while McGregor tosses out several pitter-pat punches to the gloves. A right to the body, followed by a left hook to the face buckles McGregor’s knees ever so slightly. Floyd goes back to the body and McGregor is slowing down.


McGregor comes out with his southpaw jab, but Mayweather parries them. A flurry of punches from “Notorious” and Mayweather covers up. Conor pounces and punches from behind and Byrd warns him. They trade blows but a right but v hurts McGregor. Conor is backing uo and Floyd is on him with shots to the head. A double jab by “Money” backs McGregor up again, but Conor returns to his own jab. Floyd rakes a right to the body and then a left to head before going back to the body. The irishman answers with a left to the face but he’s just out of range for it to do damage. Floyd misses a right to the head and falls into Conor, who tags him with two rabbit punches. Floyd pops his opponent with a right and then ducks under a left-right at the bell.


Mayweather comes right at the Irishman to start the frame. Conor lands a sweeping right to the cheek, but Floyd brushes it aside. They tie each other up and when Byrd breaks them, Mayweather takes a swipe at his foe. Byrd warns him. As Conor backs away, Mayweather lands a decent left hook to the face, though it doesn’t no real damage. McGregor is starting to tire out and ties the American up again. Floyd nails McGregor with a left-right upstairs and is tied up. A jab from Floyd follows and then a stinging right uppercut to the chin. A three-punch combo from “Money” follows and McGregor backs away. McGregor fires off a left but it misses. “Notorious” clinches again late in the round. Mayweather misses a two-punch combo and is hit from behind during a clinch again. Byrd says nothing.


McGregor is gasping for air to start the eighth while Mayweather is breathing calmly. Mayweather stalks his foe down and when he gets close, Conor ties him up. McGregor is on his bike and Floyd tags him with a right. Another right to the grill by “Money” and then another. McGregor swallows a jab and retreats; when Floyd gets close, he’s tied up. Mayweather continues to chase after the Irishman but McGregor is tossing out that swirling jab of his. They trade lefts to the head as they get inside but Floyd nails him with a left uppercut, followed by an overhand right. Mayweather is all over him with lead rights and lefts to the head late.


McGregor jumps on Floyd to begin the frame and digs a right to the body. Floyd complains that it’s low and doubles over. Byrd didn’t see it and McGregor pounces. They clinch and Mayweather is hit on the break. When they separate, “Money” tags him with a few rights to the head. A right hook to the head by Floyd knocks McGregor back and then Floyd ties him up. A hard right-left to the head knocks McGregor back again and Floyd is all over over. McGregor is ready to go and Mayweather is looking for the knockout. “Notorious” stumbles away as Mayweather tags him with lefts and rights upstairs. With 40 seconds left, McGregor is in serious trouble. He is gassed out and flailing his punches. Floyd is in Terminator mode as he rips Conor with lefts and rights.


Conor meets Floyd in the center of the ring and holds his head while he paws with the left. Floyd doesn’t jump on him to test his condition, though, and allows the Irishman ti tie him up. A left rocks Conoir and then Floyd rocks him with. huge right to the jaw. McGregor is wobbling badly and Mayweather jumps on him with a barrage. A huge right and left to the jaw and McGregor is being help up by the ropes. Byrd jumps in just as Floyd delivers the crushing blow, ending the fight.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. def. Conor McGregor via TKO at 1:05 of Round 10