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Shane Strickland Thinks Wale Will Be ‘The Next Big Guy’ To Run A Wrestling Promotion; Talks GFW-Sale Rumors

Yesterday WrestleZone released our Wednesday episode of WZ Daily featuring current CZW World Heavyweight Champion Shane Strickland as the co-host.

You can find some of Shane’s comments transcribed below.

Nick & Shane close out the show discussing MLW’s One-Shot which happens October 5th in Orlando, FL! Shane will be taking on the 2017 Battle of Las Angeles winner Ricochet!

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On what he thinks of the current turmoil reportedly going on within GFW/Anthem/Impact:

SS: The security is not there anymore. That’s what sucks. That’s what runs through my head. They are losing constant security with the talent. Nothing is secure anymore. That’s the one thing that every wrestler that signs a deal to work with a promotion like Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor or GFW… they want security. They want to be secure about their financial future, their job and to know they are okay for at least a certain amount of time. GFW hasn’t offered that in such a long time and that’s what sucks because I have friends and close family that work there. The hemorrhaging of money? I honestly thought they were saving money with new talent they were signing. They aren’t signing ex-WWE guys or these Hall of Famers that have just been sitting on the shelf for so long. They were signing new, fresh, indie talent and I am pretty sure they were giving them good deals but affordable deals.

On if he thinks Wale would be interested in buying GFW if Anthem put it up for sale:

SS: I think Wale is going to be the next big guy to build up a promotion. Maybe it will be MLW, who knows? I do think he is going to be the next big guy to fund a wrestling promotion and run it. I’d petition for that.

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Wednesday’s episode of WZ Daily was hosted by Nick Hausman and featured CZW World Heavyweight Champion Shane Strickland as his co-host.

The pro wrestling news topics that Nick & Shane discuss include:

  • Jeff Jarrett being removed as the GFW Chief Creative Officer
  • Anthem apparently hemorrhaging money on pro wrestling and looking to sell GFW
  • WWE’s long term plans for Roman Reigns
  • What Reigns needs to do to get over with the fans
  • Shane McMahon being suspended as the Smackdown Live commissioner
  • The Big Show taking some time away from the ring for hip surgery
  • WWE announcing they have signed Donovan Dijak

The WZ Daily is released Monday-Friday around Noon EST via WrestleZone Radio on iTunes or WZ’s channel on Eric Bischoff’s!

You can watch “MLW360° Ricochet vs Strickland Chapter 3: The Shoes Fit The Man” in the embedded player below: