LaBar: Goodbye WrestleZone & Future Of Chair Shot Reality

Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Podcast Network
Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Podcast Network

After 8 years of being associated with and 380 weekends of Chair Shot Reality videos being released—I’m officially done with the website.

The site has been around so long and does so much traffic, I know it will go on, do the best it can with who and what it has to work with.

Met a lot of people and had a lot of experiences along the way while representing the site around the United States at wrestling events.

Whether you liked my work and supported me or got joy out of not liking me and are even happy to see me leave…it’s your opinion to have. Honestly, it’s thrilling to have worked for such a high profile website and even be known enough for people to form an opinion of great like or dislike.

WrestleZone has been around so long, we were all “just fans” before every having access to be employees of it.

I was ringside last year at a Monday Night RAW in Pittsburgh and as the match was done, the lights went down for commercial, Big Cass walked over to the hard-camera side of the ring where I was sitting. The Steelers were sitting near me so I assumed he was coming to greet them but instead he yelled “Chair Shot Reality” and gave me a fist bump. He had been a longtime wrestling fan prior to WWE and like the rest of us who now worked for the site, he was very much aware of WrestleZone. Just another reminder of the powerful platform it is to reach both fans and those in the business.

That’s one of many great, fun experiences. I’ll always appreciate the site gave me those experiences, and again, just the ability to talk wrestling in front of all of you.

My audio podcast, Wrestling Reality, still continues every Wednesday and Saturday on the Pittsburgh Podcast Network.

As for Chair Shot Reality videos, we are going to continue our filming at Point Park University in Pittsburgh and shoot episode 381 this week as scheduled.

Starting October 6th, you can see the videos every weekend on the What Culture Wrestling YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers.

Best of luck to Nick Hausman and the rest of his team who I have no doubt will continue with WrestleZone with great efforts.