Figure Friday: WWE Exclusive Elite “You Just Made The List!” Chris Jericho (Photos)

Welcome to Figure Friday! Today we take a look at the WWE Exclusive Elite “You Just Made the List!” Chris Jericho figure. This figure has been out for a little while now and you can get it on currently, where I got mine and you can Save 10% on it with discount code MBG at checkout! In this review I will show you how you can update your figure to be that much better.

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That being said we’ll take a look at Jericho in his awesome, unique style packaging. The packaging on this figure is really awesome as it is special just for this figure. The back card is extended to mimic his List of Jericho clipboard, which makes him great for display if you choose not to open your figures. Not to mention the silver design/color scheme makes it pop from all the other WWE Elite style figures. The bejeweled design mimics his jacket and the back mimics his clipboard with the actual List of Jericho, which is pretty entertaining to read.

Moving on to the figure, this is arguably Chris Jericho’s best modern day figure to date although it is missing one thing, his left arm tattoos. Do not fear though, there is a solution for this that is inexpensive and honestly makes the figure that much better. Curb Stomp City Decals on Facebook can provide you with tattoo decals you can apply to your figure as well as “The List” for your clipboard as the clipboard is blank how it comes. I picked some of these up and it honestly completes the figure, how he should’ve been in the first place if they didn’t have copyright issues with his tattoos.

Y2J’s scan looks great, even though it’s a bit out of date with his longer hair now, but still looks pretty nice. It has his goatee and mustache and a serious look on his face as his other figures are typically smiling. He comes with his scarf, made out of plastic than cloth so it holds its shape around his neck. He also comes with a really thick pen so he can actually hold it plus his List of Jericho, which unfortunately is blank unless you get some decals.

The detail on his trunks and kick pads are really nice, not to mention his left hand tattoo. The color and detail on this figure make it stand out that much more in your WWE figure collection, as I said earlier I find it to be his best modern figure to date. I just find the colors of this figure’s attire to be really awesome and eye-catching compared to a lot of his others lately.

My only complaint with this figure besides the lack of tattoos and the list is the fact he has one closed hand, meaning you can’t make him hold his pen and List of Jericho at the same time. I believe Mattel did this to make it easier to apply his left hand tattoo, but I can’t confirm that. That’s the only downfall as you can’t display him like that unless you swap his hand, but then you lose the tattoo. Can’t win either way.

Other than that it’s a very nice figure. I highly recommend picking him up while you can as it’s his best modern figure to date as I said before. It’s a great piece to open or display mint on card as the packaging is super cool, too. Definitely don’t pass up on this figure as his ones after seem to be going back to his older scan already, which is odd. Remember you can get him at and use discount code MBG to Save 10% on your order.

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