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JJ Dillon Talks To Ricky Morton About Serving As WWE VP Of Talent Relations Under Vince, Working As Dusty Rhodes’ Assistant, More

The following release was sent to WrestleZone this morning:

The third episode of the School of Morton podcast co-hosted by WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Ricky Morton of the Rock n’ Roll Express is available for download right now! This week’s guest is WWE Hall of Famer J.J. Dillon of the Four Horsemen.

J.J. Dillon offers insight into over fifty years in the wrestling business. He details serving as Vice President of Talent Relations for WWE under Vince McMahon, working as Dusty Rhodes assistant in the 1980s, and reveals the key to longevity in wrestling/sports entertainment.

On working as head of talent relations for Vince McMahon… J.J. Dillon said, “I was in the office all week and all of the creative was done at his home on weekends and I would go out to his house with Pat Patterson and we would sit in casual clothes… in the summer we would be out… he had like a pool where I watched Stephanie and Shane grow up. He had a veranda out there with a bank of phones and that’s where we would work out there. In the winter time we would work in his formal dining room. Saturday and Sunday and then we would spend stay and eat dinner at his home around the dinner table with Vince and Linda.”

J.J. continued, “If Shane was there or Stephanie was there we would sit and have dinner with them, too.  It was a wonderful time in the business.”

He added, “I have to give credit to Vince McMahon. Everything that he’s had. His success is because he had the vision was willing to work for it and he’s earned all the success he’s had.”

Ricky Morton offers his thoughts on the return of Kane on WWE Monday Night RAW and previews this Sunday’s WWE TLC: Table, Ladders, and Chairs. He also reflects on working with Michael “P.S.” Hayes and Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy.

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