Impact Wrestling Results (11/2) Huge Six Man Tag Team Main Event, Final Hype For Bound For Glory!

Impact Wrestling Results – 11/02/17Impact Wrestling Results

November 2nd, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Impact kicks off with a Knockouts tag team match from Border City Wrestling.

Rosemary and Allie vs KC Spinelli  and Sienna

Spinelli forces Allie into the corner. Sienna tags in and helps Spinelli stomp Allie in the corner. Spinelli and Sienna whip Allie into the ropes. Allie manages to crossbody both Spinelli and Sienna. Allie tags in Rosemary. Rosemary splashes Spinelli in the corner, then t-bone suplexes her across the ring. Rosemary goes up top. Spinelli cuts Rosemary off and slams her off the top rope. Spinelli misses a head kick. Rosemary trips Spinelli and lays into her with right and lefts. Spinelli surprises Rosemary with a dropkick. Sienna is back in. Rosemary traps Sienna in a rope hang triangle hold.

The referee forces the break. Sienna picks up Rosemary and drops her with a Samoan drop. Sienna kicks Rosemary in the face. Rosemary rises from her grave. Rosemary and Sienna kick each other in the face. Both Rosemary and Sienna make the tag. Allie dropkicks Spinelli in the butt. Allie only gets a two count. Spinelli puts Allie in a full nelson. Sienna accidentally kicks Spinelli in the chest. Allie codebreakers Sienna. Rosemary obliterates Sienna with a nasty German suplex for the win.

Winners Allie and Rosemary