WWE Smackdown Live Results (12/12) Kevin Owens Battles Shinsuke Nakamura, Final Hype For Clash Of Champions!

WWE Smackdown Live Results – 12/1/15WWE Smackdown Live Results

December 12th, 2017

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Backstage Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are handing out flyers. They are wearing “Yep! Yep! Yep!” shirts. They are trying to get support for the “Yep!” movement. Shane McMahon needs to be removed as Smackdown Commissioner.

In Ring Segment: AJ Styles

Styles welcomes the crowd to the “house that AJ Styles built”. Styles says he is usually calm but he can’t sleep or eat. Styles is obsessed with defending his WWE title this Sunday. This Sunday he will face a man who held the WWE title for six months. Jinder Mahal will do anything and everything to get the championship back. The Singh Brothers interrupt. They say normally they would be out here to introduce Mahal but not tonight. Mahal attacked them last week after their loss to Styles. Styles says after watching that footage he kinda feels bad for them both. The Singh Brothers start to hug each other. Styles tells them that’s not what he meant. Come in the ring. The Singhs join Styles in the ring. Styles hugs them both. The Singhs say they want to be in Styles corner. They claim to be done with Mahal. Mahal is a disgrace. Styles tells them to get it all off their chest. The Singhs rant about how bad Mahal treated them. Mahal even made them kiss his feet. Mahal’s feet smell like cheese, garlic, and butter chicken (wtf?).

Styles asks them if they are really done with Mahal, why were they by Mahal’s side in India this past week? Photos are shown on the ‘Tron of Mahal and the Singhs. They protest. Mahal comes out on the stage. Styles says he sees what they are trying to do. He isn’t going to fall for this. Styles likes what the Singhs said about not being in Mahal’s corner Sunday. Styles says he is going to help them with that. Styles beats up both Singh Brothers. Mahal starts to get in the ring, but he just stands on the apron. Mahal drops off the apron and helps up The Singhs.