WWE developmental talent
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First Confirmed WWE DVD Release Dates & Potential Future Additions Revealed

As reported by PWInsider, the official list of WWE DVD release dates for the first half of the year has been revealed. In addition to that, PWInsider has also noted some of the other features that WWE may release in the near future.

1/23 – WWE Clash of Champions 2017

2/6 – Best of Raw and Smackdown 2017

3/6 – 2018 WWE Royal Rumble

3/20 – Best of WWE NXT 2017

4/3 – Raw 25th Anniversary

4/17 – WWE Elimination Chamber & Fast Lane PPVs

5/1 – Best of the Hardy Boyz

5/15 – WWE Wrestlemania 34

5/29 – Unreleased: Randy Savage Matches

Potential future releases:

*Best of 2017 – PPV matches

*30th Anniversary of Summerslam

*A new title devoted to The Shield

*Best of the Hardy Boyz

*”Unreleased” Collection for Shawn Michaels

*A feature documentary on AJ Styles

*Shane McMahon’s “Craziest Moments”

*A collection of WWE 24 documentaries