Kazuchika Okada
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NJPW Road To New Beginning Results (2/6) Okada & Goto Attempt To Be Double Champions

NJPW Road To New Beginning (2/6) Live In Progress…
Credit: NJPW/TV Asahi

New Japan Pro Wrestling presents Road To New Beginning, live from Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The show is scheduled to begin at 4:30am EST on NJPWWorld.com….

FIRST MATCH: KUSHIDA, Tiger Mask & Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. Ren Narita, Tetsuhiro Yagi & Syota Umino

Shoving match between Young Lions and Team Liger leads to Liger and Umino starting with a back and forth lock up. Umino slaps Ligers chest and hits a series of forearms but eats a Shotei and gets caught in a Single Leg Lock. Yagi and Narita break up the submission.

Liger continues to work over Umino’s leg and tags in Tiger Mask. Umino waves off tags from his partners but Yagi tags in anyway. Tiger kicks Yagi in the face and then drops a running knee across his chest. Tiger Mask kicks the back and then works a vicious crossface chickenwing. Yagi gets to the bottom rope.

The Young Lions continue to berate the elder statesmen of New Japan. Yagi pays for it with kicks and stretches from Tiger Mask but the Young Lions break it up. Tiger Mask continues to kick away at the chest of Yagi and then tags in Liger. Liger exchanges heated words with Umino as he gets back on the apron. Yagi hits a giant dropkick on Tiger Mask and gets the tag to Narita; who is then dropped with a dropkick from Tiger Mask.

KUSHIDA tags in but Narita gets the better of their exchanges and wraps him up in a modified Cloverleaf. The Young Lions clear the apron and team up on KUSHIDA. Narita hits a body slam and then locks in a Boston Crab. KUSHIDA can’t make it to the ropes, but he powers out of the hold nonetheless.

KUSHIDA and Narita exchange strikes. Narita fires up and hits a series of forearms but is hit with a hiptoss/cartwheel dropkick from KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA locks in the Hoverboard lock. KUSHIDA transitions to an Armbar and almost gets pinned but Narita submits.

WINNERS: Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask & KUSHIDA

After the match, Yagi gets in the face of Tiger Mask but gets floored by a slap and then kicked while he’s down, busting open his mouth.

SECOND MATCH: Tomoyuki Oka & Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Bullet Club (HIKULEO & Yujiro Takahashi)

Oka and HIKULEO start the match. Yujiro tries to sneak attack Oka but Oka sees it coming and sends Yujiro to the outside. Tenzan and Oka double team HIKULEO. They drop him with a double shoulder block for a two count.

Oka continues to batter the tall Tongan, but HIKULEO fights back with a huge running Powerslam for two.

HIKULEO delivers forearms to the throat of his prone opponent and then sends Oka into the corner. Yujiro tags in and corners Oka, chopping away at the Young Lion’s chest. Yujiro hits a running dropkick for two.

HIKULEO tags in and exchanges strikes with Oka. HIKULEO goes for a Gutwrench but Oka counters with a Spinebuster. Tenzan tags in. Tenzan clears the apron and then hits Mongolian Chops on HIKULEO. He corners HIRKULEO, chops the chest, sends him across the ring, hits a running splash and then hits a big suplex for two.

Tenzan headbutts HIKULEO but the mighty giant hits a huge chop on Tenzan. Tenzan hits a Mountain Bomb for two.

Tenzan locks in the Anaconda Vice but Yujiro breaks it up. Tenzan sends Yujiro outside but HIKULEO hits a Samoan Drop. Oka tags in. Yujiro tags in. Oka hits a mighty shoulder tackle, then a running corner splash and then a belly to back suplex for two.

Yujiro dodges a clothesline and hits Fisherman Buster for two. Yujiro goes for a DDT but Tenzan breaks it up. HIKULEO charges the ring but Oka floors him. HIKULEO hits a flap jack for two but then Yujiro hits a Low Angle DDT for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Bullet Club