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NJPW & ROH Honor Rising Results (Night 2) Young Bucks Challenge Golden Lovers, Cody Kisses Kota, ROH Title Match, More.

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New Japan Pro Wrestling & Ring of Honor present Night 2 of Honor Rising. The show will feature two huge title matches. First Bullet Club puts their NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Championship on the line against Cheeseburger, Delirious & Jushin “Thunder” Liger. The second title match will see Dalton Castle defend the ROH World Championship against Beretta.

The main event will see the reunited Golden Lovers take on Marty Scurll & Cody from Bullet Club. This match comes 24-hours after Cody declared himself the leader of Bullet Club.

All the stars of NJPW & ROH will be in action.

The event is set to begin at 4:30am EST. It will be broadcast with English Commentary on

FIRST MATCH: Toa Henare vs.Beer City Bruiser

They lock up. Bruiser breaks and talks trash at Henare.  Henare does a pose and Bruiser slaps the taste out of his mouth. Bruiser pummels Henare. The two exchange chops. Henare ducks a clothesline, ducks an elbow, and goes for a shoulder tackle but Bruiser side steps. Bruiser grabs a swig of beer and sprays it in Henare’s face.

Bruiser grounds Henare with a Sledgehammer Forearm. Bruiser runs Henare’s face into two turnbuckles but Henare fires up. Henare hits a forearm and a headbutt and then hits a corner clothesline. Henare goes for a Samoan Drop but Bruiser’s too heavy. Henare hits a running shoulder tackle for two.

Henare hits a top rope flying shoulder tackle for two.

They exchange strikes and Bruiser hits Full Nelson DDT. Bruiser hits a Frog Splash for the pinfall.

WINNER: Beer City Bruiser.

SECOND MATCH: David FinlayJuice Robinson & Jay Lethal vs. Bullet Club (Chase OwensYujiro TakahashiHIKULEO)

Bullet Club attack their opponents at the start of the match. Wild brawl at ringside. In the ring, Owens and Finlay wrestle. Owens whips Finlay into the ropes but Lethal grabs his partner to keep him from getting struck. Owens tries again but Robinson saves Finlay this time and then drops Owens. Jay Lethal tags in and hits Backbreaker for two. Lethal tags in and the hit a Suplex/Senton combo for two.

Finlay hits Owens with forearms but Owens fights back. Owens hits Robinson with a superkick. Yujiro tags in while HIKULEO works on Finlay outside. In the ring and Yujiro corners Finlay. Yujiro covers but Lethal breaks it up. Owens tags in and hits the Dusty Punches to mock Juice. HIKULEO tags in and dominates Finlay. HIKULEO hits a huge Powerslam for two.

Finlay and Robinson hit a double dropkick and a double flapjack on HIKULEO. Lethal tags in. Owens tags in. Lethal takes out all of Bullet Club and then hits a tope to Owens followed by a tope to Yujiro. In the ring, Lethal fights HIKULEO but eats a Lariat. HIKULEO floors Robinson but Finlay hits a Missile Dropkick to the ribs. Owens misses a Thrust Kick and kicks Yujiro. Lethal hits Lethal Injection. HIKULEO goes for a Chokeslam but eats a Stunner from Finlay, Pulp Friction from Juice, and Hail To The King from Lethal for the pinfall.

WINNERS: David Finlay, Juice Robinson & Jay Lethal

THIRD MATCH: Ryusuke TaguchiFlip Gordon vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHIHiromu Takahashi)

Hiromu gut kicks Flip to start. Flip…flips out of a wristlock. Flip does a series of acrobatics to keep away from Takahashi. Flip hits a running shoulderblock to drop Hiromu. Gordon hits a Headscissors. Flip teases a dive to the outside but instead Flip…flips back into the ring.

Hiromu throws Flip out of the ring and then throws him into the guardrail. They brawl into the crowd. BUSHI slams Taguchi into the WEST sign and Hiromu slams Flip into the EAST sign. Hiromu throws Flip into the barricade again.

Back in the ring. Hiromu covers Flip for two. Hiromue works over Gordon’s leg.

BUSHI tags in, works the leg and covers for two. BUSHI keeps Gordon grounded. BUSHI ducks a series of kicks but eats a Pele Kick. Both men are down.

Taguchi tags in and hits Hip Attack on Hiromu. He then hits a Hip Attack on BUSHI. Taguchi floors both LIJ members and then hits two of three amigos but BUSHI wrestles out of the third. Taguchi locks BUSHI in the ankle lock and Taguchi wrestles out. Taguchi uses La Magistral for two.

Taguchi goes for Tiger Suplex but BUSHI kicks out. BUSHI counters a Hip Attack with an Atomic Drop. Hiromu tags in and clears the apron. Taguchi hits a Hip Attack. Gordon tags in and hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick. Gordon hits a Somersault Senton to the  outside. Flip rolls Hiromu into in the ring and then goes to the top rope but Hiromu counters. Flip hits a wild running attack for a nearfall.

BUSHI and Hiromu hit double running dropkicks for two. Taguchi misses a Hip Attack on BUSHI and gets tossed from the ring. Flip fights off both members of LIJ with chops but eats double thrust kicks. BUSHI hits a Tope Suicida. Hiromu hits a running Death Valley Driver to the corner. Hiromu goes for Timebomb but Gordon reverses for two. BUSHI and Hiromu hit a tandem move for two. BUSHI hits a Doomsday MX for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Los Ingobernables de Japon.