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NJPW G1 Climax Finals Results (8/12): Who Was The Big Winner?, More

NJPW G1 Climax Finals Results (8/12) Live In Progress
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FIRST MATCH: Michael Elgin & Great Bash Heel (Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma) vs. Ayato YoshidaShota Umino & Yuji Nagata

Nagat & The Young Lions charge GBH & Elgin. They pummel Honma. Umino hits a Missile Dropkick but Elgin breaks the pin at two.

Umino hits an uppercut. Honma drops Umino with a back elbow. Makabe tags in.

Makabe pummels Umino. Makabe hits a body slam. Makabe punishes Umino with fists. Honma tags in.

Honma elbows Umino in the back of the head. Honma bodyslams Umino. Honma hits Kokeshi Headbutt. Elgin tags in.

Umino chops Elgin’s chest. Elgin and Shota trade chops. Elgin drops Umino with a chop. Umino counters a corner lariat. Umino tries a Sunset Flip but Elgin powers out. Elgin dodges a dropkick. Umino hits a dropkick. Nagata tags in.

Nagata hits a series of mid kicks. Elgin counters an Exploder Suplex. Elgin hits a Superkick. Elgin hits an enziguri. Makabe tags in.

Makabe hits a corner lariat. Makabe mounts Nagata and pummels him. Makabe fights out of an Exploder Suplex. Makabe hits a shoulder tackle. Nagata hits an Exploder Suplex. Yoshida tags in.

Yoshida hits a shoulder tackle. Yoshida hits a mid kick. Yoshida hits a Penalty Kick but Elgin and Honma break the pin.

Yoshida hits a series of elbows. Makabe hits a lariat. The pin is broken. Makabe hits another lariat for two. Makabe climbs to the top rope and hits the King Kong Knee Drop for the pinfall in 7:41.

WINNERS: Michael Elgin & Great Bash Heel

SECOND MATCH: Toa Henare vs. Bad Luck Fale

Henare charges Fale. Henare hits a shoulder tackle. Fale counters a corner splash with a Grenade Attempt but Henare counters with a headbutt. Henare climbs to the top rope. Henare hits a flying shoulder tackle for two.

Henare goes for the Samoan Drop. Fale fights out. Fale hits a huge lariat. Fale hits a Grenade. Fale hits Bad Luck Fall for the pinfall in 2:00.

WINNER: Bad Luck Fale