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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Matt Hardy Challenges Bray Wyatt To ‘The Ultimate Deletion’, Says The Great War Ends At The Compound

The battlefield is prepared for massacre… and deletion! Matt Hardy has officially challenged Bray Wyatt to ‘The Ultimate Deletion’.

After Bray Wyatt made easy work of Heath Slater on WWE RAW, he took a mic after the match, demanding Hardy show himself. Hardy appeared on the Titantron, saying the Great War between them was far from over. He challenged Bray Wyatt to ‘The Ultimate Deletion’ and said this battle was too great for the realm of WWE, and it would have to take place at The Hardy Compound.

Following this, a vignette aired featuring footage of Vanguard 1, the dilapidated boat and more; check out highlights below:

WWE RAW Results For 3/5

Hardy didn’t get specific about what the match / war would entail, but if it’s anything like The Final Deletion or the other Impact Wrestling battles, it will be DELIGHTFUL!