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Impact Wrestling: Crossroads Results (3/8): New Champions Crowned, Who Is The Impact World Champion?

Report By Lovell Porter for

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World Tag Team Titles Match: LAX (c) vs The Cult of Lee

Santana and Ortiz attack Lee and Konley from behind. The battle spills to the outside. Santana bodyslams Lee on the floor. Ortiz snap suplexes Konley out on the floor as well. Eventually, everyone ends up back in the ring. LAX hits a leapfrog senton/moonsault/leg drop combo on Lee. After the break, Lee and Konley are working over Santana in their corner. Sunset flip by Santana but Lee rolls through. Santana responds with a Yakuza kick. Hot tags by both teams. Ortiz back body drops Konley. Ortiz splashes Konley in the corner before crotching him on the top rope. Ortiz climbs up top and hits a top rope X-factor on Konley. Konley kicks out.

Lee tries to attack Ortiz from behind. Santana hits the ring and LAX hits a flapjack into a moonsault. Ortiz dives out of the ring onto Konley as Santana dives over the top rope onto Lee. Ortiz gets a near fall on Konley. After a kick from Lee Konley hits a Samoan driver on Santana. Lee tries to play defense but Ortiz pushes Lee into Konley to break up the pin. Ortiz hits a backpack stunner on Konley. LAX sets up the Street Sweeper. Lee breaks it up and Konley almost gets a three count on Ortiz. Lee gets on the apron but Konnan trips him off the apron. LAX hits the Street Sweeper for the win!

Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions, LAX!