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Impact Wrestling Results (3/22) Feast or Fired Results, More

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In Ring Segment: Alberto El Patron

El Patron says he knows when we see a man in a suit we think he isn’t here to fight. El Patron is here to fight. El Patron says he finally got what he wanted. He gets Austin Aries and the Impact Championship. Aries calls himself the greatest man who ever lived. That’s not you, that’s me. Of course, you already knew that. El Patron starts to leave but Aries comes down to the ring with all 57 of his championships. Aries says he and El Patron may come from different worlds but we really aren’t that different. If you mess with us you will get punched in the face.

We have both gone around the world and won championships. Aries may call himself the “Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” but he also calls himself the truth. Aries can see through El Patron. Aries isn’t here to play games. Aries says El Patron will get his shot at Redemption. El Patron asks Aries to come face-to-face with him because he has something to say. El Patron says Aries has something to prove and so does El Patron. El Patron is going to get back the title he never lost. El Patron starts to leave. El Patron tells them to play Aries music. Aries tells them to plat El Patron’s. As the champion, Aries music should be played last. This is the last time El Patron will here his music last.