WWE NXT Takeover Phoenix Results

WWE NXT Takeover NOLA Results: New Champs, Gargano v Ciampa, More

WWE NXT Takeover New Orleans Results

April 7th, 2018

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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North American Championship Ladder Match: Lars Sullivan vs Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream vs Ricochet vs EC3 vs Killian Dain

As the bell rings EC3 leaves the ring. Dream tosses Ricochet out of the ring. Sullivan and Dain are the only people left in the ring. As Sullivan and Dain stare at each other EC3 tries to goad them into ripping each other apart. Dain and Sullivan go after EC3. As Sullivan and Dain are about to battle Ricochet does a springboard shooting star press to the outside onto them both. As Ricochet tries to set up a ladder, Dream cuts him off. Ricochet takes Dream over with a backflip head scissors. Dream dumps Ricochet to the outside. Dream starts to climb but Cole breaks it up. Cole destroys Dain with a dropkick. Ushigoroshi by Cole to Dream. EC3 hits a flying knee on Cole. Sullivan runs over Cole. Cole hits a popup power slam on Cole. Running power slam by Sullivan to EC3. Dain clotheslines Sullivan over the top rope. Topé suicida by Dain. Dain is about to slam and Samoan drop Ricochet and Dream. Cole boots Dain in the face to stop it. As everyone battles in the ring, Sullivan tosses a ladder into the mix, hitting EVERYONE. Sullivan picks up the ladder and puts hit around his neck. Sullivan proceeds to take everyone out with ladder shots.

Sullivan gorilla press slams Drema onto the ladder. Sullivan starts to climb. Ricochet climbs the other side of the ladder. Ricochet tries a sunset bomb but can’t get Sullivan over. Everyone helps and Ricochet hits the bomb. Cole is about to grab the title but Dain pulls him off. Cole yells at Dain. Dain destroys him with a headbutt. Ricochet charges Dain but Dain backdrops him onto a ladder. EC3 bulldogs Dain. Cole and EC3 fight over a ladder. Cole and EC3 hits Sullivan with the ladder. EC3 have teamed up and are beating down Dain. EC3 and Cole build a bridge with a ladder between the ring and the desk. EC3 and Cole sends Dain chest first into the ladder. EC3 and Cole hit Sullivan with a ladder. EC3 and Cole high five. EC3 does an “EC3 Baybay pose. Cole hits the Ushigorshi on him. Cole super kicks everyone. Ricochet dives off the top into a superkick by Cole. Dream blast Dain with the Elbow off the top. Dream hits Sullivan with the elbow off the top. Dream hits the elbow off the top to the back of Ricochet! Dream tries to set up the ladder but Sullivan cuts him off.