WWE NXT Results
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WWE NXT Live Results (7/17/19)

WWE NXT Live Results

July 17, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Matt Riddle vs. Arturo Ruas

Riddle and Ruas each try strikes and takedowns. Riddle takes Ruas’ back, then takes him down. Ruas escapes. Ruas forces Riddle into the corner. Riddle tries to lock in a double wrist lock with a body scissors. Ruas slams Riddle down and tries to work an armbar. Riddle counters into an armbar of his own. Riddle escapes. Ruas sweeps Riddle’s legs. Riddle makes it to the ropes. Riddle lands a kick that makes Ruas take a step back. Ruas takes down Riddle. Riddle and Ruas trade kicks. Riddle hits the Final Flash knee. Riddle mounts Ruas and rains down elbow after elbow. The referee stops the match.

Winner- Matt Riddle

After the match, Killian Dain attacks Riddle. Dain puts Riddle through the stage with a senton.

NXT Breakout Tournament: Dexter Lumis vs. Bronson Reed

Reed floors Lumis with a shoulder block. Lumis pops up to his feet. Lumis escapes Reeds bodyslam. Lumis sends Reed to the outside. Lumis tries a somersault senton over the top but Reed moves out of the way. Lumis lands on his feet. Running crossbody by Reed. Reed sends Loomis back into the ring. Lumis throat chops Reed. Reed catches Lumis with a nasty powerslam. Back body drop by Reed. Running body block followed by a senton by Reed. Lumis kicks out. Belly-to-back by Lumis. Lumis pops to his feet again and hits a leg drop. Lumis misses a swanton off the top. Powerbomb by Reed. Reed hits a splash off the top for the win!

Winner- Dexter Lumis

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