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Impact Wrestling Results (5/24): Edwards Assaults Callihan, Sydal Defends His Gold, More

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oVe vs Aerostar and Drago

Before the bell rang Drago launched himself over the top rope onto oVe. Aerostar follows suit. Aerostar dives off the top rope onto everyone. Drago sends Jake into the ring. As Drago gets in the ring Jake boots him in the head. Jake and Dave take turns beating down Drago. While the referee has his back turned Callihan blast Drago in the back of the head. Jake gets a two count. Drago manages to tag in Aerostar. Aerostar hits Jake with a hurricanrana. Drago locks in a death lock as Aerostar dropkicks Dave in the face. Dave traps Drago in the corner. Jake hits a step-up enziguri. Backstage we see Eddie Edwards getting out of a car. Edward’s wife Alisha tries to get Edwards to stop. Edwards runs into the Impact Zone and attacks the Crist brothers with a kendo stick to cause the DQ.

Winners- oVe

Callihan runs into the ring and Edwards levels him with the kendo stick. Edwards chokes Callihan with the kendo stick to the point that his Callihan’s eyes roll in the back of the head and his face is beet red. Security eventually pulls Edwards off Callihan. Alisha is on the outside of the ring screaming for Edwards to stop. Edwards lays out all the referees and security with the kendo stick. Edwards laughs as he realizes the carnage left in his wake.