WWE Smackdown Live Results play by play

WWE Smackdown Live Results (6/5): Nakamura and Styles Contract Signing, Huge Six-Man Tag Main Event, More

June 5th, 2018

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In Ring Segment: Carmella

Carmella demands everyone to shower her with the praise she deserves. The crowd boos mercilessly. Carmella says today isn’t about her it’s about her MITB opponent Asuka. Carmella instructs everyone to take a look at the ‘Tron so she can show us the Asuka we think we know. Highlights of all of Asuka’s career is shown. Carmella says that gave her chills. Isn’t Asuka incredible? Asuka used to be. Carmella tells us that now she is going to show us who Asuka really is. Footage of Asuka tapping out to Charlotte and various other low lights are shown. Carmella says Asuka’s loss at WrestleMania broke her. Carmella doesn’t fear Asuka. The age of Asuka is over. Asuka was undefeated but now she is just defeated. Now everybody is ready for Asuka.

Carmella tells everyone who is ready for Asuka to raise their hand. Asuka’s music hits and she struts down the ramp. Asuka gets in Carmella’s face. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville join the fray. Rose says she was a second away from beating Asuka. Rose says she wants Asuka for herself. Deville says tonight it’s her turn. Carmella asks Asuka if she is going to face them both. Paige comes out and says no one speaks for her. Paige makes the matches around here. Paige asks Asuka which one she wants. Asuka grabs the mic from Carmella and says she wants both. Paige books the match.