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Impact Wrestling Results (8/16): Allie Battles Su Yung, Street Fight Between LAX and The OGz, More

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Sami Callihan w/oVe vs Fenix

Callihan kicks Fenix in the face as soon as the bell rings. Callihan chokes Fenix with his boot. Fenix surprises Callihan with a leaping ranna through the ropes. Fenix walks the ropes. Jake gets on the apron. Fenix kicks Jake in the face then takes Callihan over with a corkscrew arm drag. Fenix dives over the top onto everyone. Fenix sends Callihan back into the ring. Fenix blast Callihan with a springboard swanton for a near fall. Fenix unloads on Callihan with chop after chop. Fenix tries a handspring but Callihan counters it into a full nelson driver. Fenix tries to fire up but Callihan catches him with a clothesline. Callihan pins back both Fenix’s arms and lands a crushing elbow to the back of Fenix’s head. Fenix kicks out. Fenix manages to superkick Callihan.

Fenix goes up top. Callihan pushes Fenix off the top rope to the walkway. Callihan tries to powerbomb Fenix into the crowd. Fenix escapes and hits a handspring cutter on the ramp! Fenix runs the length of the ramp, springboards off the ropes and drops Callihan with a twisting cutter. Callihan kicks out. Fenix and Callihan trade strikes. Fenix tries another springboard off the top but Callihan kicks Fenix in the face. Powerbomb for a near fall by Callihan. Callihan puts Fenix in the crossface. Fenix eventually gets in the ropes. Callihan sits on the top rope. Fenix lands a palm strike. Fenix goes out to the ramp. Fenix runs back towards the ring and bounces off the top rope into a ranna off the top. Sunset bomb for a near fall by Fenix. Callihan kicks out again. The Crist Brothers grab Fenix’s feet while he is on the top rope. Pentagon Jr. runs to ringside and takes out the Crist brothers. Fenix lands the Muscle Driver for the win.

Winner- Fenix