Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling Results (5/10/19)

Impact Wrestling Results

May 10, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Moose and Josh Alexander vs. LAX

Alexander lands a chop. Santana drives Alexander into the corner and lands a chop. Alexander and Santana trade submission attempts. Ortiz tags in and slams Alexander. Santana hits a moonsault off of Ortiz’s back. Fuji splash by Ortiz for a near fall. Moose dropkicks Ortiz off the top rope. Moose and Alexander take turns working over Ortiz. Ortiz manages to tag in Santana, who clears the ring. Santana blast Alexander with a sick kick. LAX hits a double x-factor. Moose breaks up the pin. Moose tags himself in. LAX tries an assisted Corner cannonball but Moose catches Santana and powerbombs him onto Otiz. Moose hits the Go To Hell on Otriz. Ortiz kicks out. Moose accidentally kicks Alexander in the head. Double enziguri by LAX to Moose. Rolling cutter by Santana. LAX hits a wheelbarrow slam on Alexander for the win!

Winners- LAX

Backstage, Madison Rayne says she has already beating Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie in two non-title matches. If Valkyrie wants to wait to put up the title, fine, either way, Rayne is going to be the next Knockout’s Champion.

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