Dave Lagana
Dave Lagana at Starrcast Weekend Photo Credit: Wrestlezone.com

Dave Lagana On The Opportunity ‘All In’ Provides, The Experience Of Creating NWA’s ‘Ten Pounds Of Gold’

NWA’s Dave Lagana recently spoke with Kevin Kellam for Wrestlezone at Starrcast; you can read a few transcribed highlights and listen to the full interview below:

(Transcription credit to Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com)

Dave Lagana on how he views All In and what it provides wrestling talent: 

There’s an opportunity for people. I think that’s the best way to look at it. This didn’t exist a year ago. Nick [Jackson] and Cody [Rhodes] talked about this in ‘Ten Pounds Of Gold’ that this wasn’t possible a year ago. A year ago the NWA was dead, a year ago there was no All In, there wasn’t ten thousand fans coming to Chicago for one event. It’s crazy how quickly it can change but that should be the opportunity that most talents feel and see if they’re stuck. I know a lot of people who feel stuck in various places, either big or small, that they can create change if they actually put the work in.

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Lagana on the Ten Pounds Of Gold format: 

So, when Billy [Corgan] and I left TNA—or TNA left us, whichever version you want to explore—Billy and I went on the road for 30 days. It’s funny because a lot of people were like ‘oh what are these guys up to? what are they going to do when they get back into wrestling?’ We’ve been doing it since January 2017.

I did the Drew Galloway documentary [End Of Independents], and that was the pilot for ‘Ten Pounds Of Gold’. Drew got signed to WWE, but we’d actually made a deal to buy the NWA prior to that, so this was the start of the story; it just changed. So it’s always been this because we can control this. if people knew how little we’ve spent in one year and gotten here, it would blow your mind. Some people blow travel—I’d bet you the travel for this event is actually more than what we’ve spent. It just shows that you can pull off something completely different with what you can buy in Best Buy. You don’t need a production company. I literally shoot and edit everything we do, and Billy supported it and has really been the guiding vision. It’s really been an amazing experience since day one.