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Matt Cardona: The NWA Needs Me To Win The World Title At NWA Nuff Said

Matt Cardona previews his match with Tyrus at NWA Nuff Said.

Cardona has been on a remarkable run since his WWE release in 2020. He has been successful in Game Changer Wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling, and the National Wrestling Alliance. Cardona has won the world title in both GCW and the NWA, among several other championships in other promotions. At NWA Alwayz Ready, he was forced to relinquish the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship due to an injury. Once he returned to the ring, he challenged Trevor Murdoch for the title in a three-way match at NWA Hard Times in November, and Tyrus won the bout. Now, Cardona will have the chance to regain the gold when he faces Tyrus at NWA Nuff Said.

In an interview with WrestleZone, Cardona looked back on NWA Hard Times and noted that he should have gotten a singles match, but he’s glad that he’ll have that opportunity on Saturday. He also emphasized that he needs to win the title, just as the NWA needs him to be the champion.

“It was an unfair predicament” Cardona said. “I should have gotten a straight-up one-on-one rematch. It was a triple threat for the title for the title that I never lost, that I had to relinquish when I got injured. I didn’t get pinned to lose the title, and I didn’t get pinned in that match. I’m glad that Billy has come to his senses. Now, one-on-one, myself versus Tyrus for the Ten Pounds of Gold. I know he is a dangerous opponent. I know he wants to keep that championship.

“I know he wants to continue to wear it over his shoulder on FOX news, but I need that title back. I need to represent the NWA. The NWA needs me to win. They need a champion like me to be wrestling all over the world. I mean, hell, I am the independent wrestler of the year. You need me as your NWA Champion, bringing this title, the Ten Pounds of Gold, all over the US, all over the world, and that’s something I intend to do.”

Cardona also made it clear that he enjoys working with the NWA. He highlighted the freedom the wrestlers have there, and he also emphasized that he wants to help the company grow.

“I have loved my time in NWA,” Cardona said. “I said it from the moment I got there. I love the opportunity that I get there. Not just me; everybody. We get the four matches a show. Matt Cardona, you have a promo at the podium. Nobody tells me what to say, there’s no script. I like that. That’s not just for me, that’s for everybody. I like that freedom. I like that, after the tapings, we get a weekly email reminder of the match graphics, the photos from the matches, everything you need to tweet about it.

“NWA, it wants to succeed, it wants to get bigger, and so do I. I really want to sink my teeth into the NWA because I want it to be bigger. Some of the people there, and I’m sure I’ll get some heat for saying this, they love just coming a couple times a year, getting to post, ‘I was on NWA Powerrr’ this week, and then they don’t do jack sh— the rest of the time. I want NWA to be, you know how we’re doing that live show? I want to do it live every week. I want to wrestle every week for the NWA, not just five or six times a year and film things in the can. I want to take NWA to the next level.”

Circling back to his match with Tyrus, Cardona noted that the powerhouse can do things that he can’t, such as bringing the title on FOX News, to promote the company. However, he stated that he can represent in other ways, as he can take it around the world and show it off on social media. Cardona made it clear that he wants to take the NWA to the next level, but he’s also determined to have the best year of his career.

“It’s the National Wrestling Alliance, not the National Talk Show Alliance. Tyrus is great, great face of the company, I guess. He brings the title on FOX News. Hey, I can’t do that. But I can bring it all over the world wrestling. I can wrestle all over the world with it. I can show it off, I can post about it on social media. I can have it everywhere I go. I really want to help the NWA grow, but I’m not gonna lie. Selfishly, [I want] to make 2023 the best year of my career.”

The full card for NWA Nuff said can be found here. WrestleZone will have coverage of the show as it airs on FITE at 8 .m. ET on February 11.

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