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Impact Wrestling Results (9/13): Brian Cage Speaks, Lucha Bros In Action, Austin Aries Defends The World Title Against Fallah Bahh, More

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In Ring Segment: Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross

Aries says we aren’t going to see Johnny Impact in a long time. Moose says we aren’t going to see Eddie Edwards either. Moose quips he is going to go bring Edwards’ wife and bring her some champagne. Fallah Bahh and KM come to the ring. Aries calls Bahh fat and tells him he needs to eat more banana. KM says he they got a little motivation from a lady in the back. KM is out here to speak his mind. KM calls Aries a liar and a terrible world champion. KM tells Moose that best friends in the back. KM calls Moose “Duece”. Aries says he owes them both an apology. Aries says he wants to give them a peace offering. Aries offers Bahh a shot at the Impact World Title tonight. Bahh and Aries shake on it.