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Kenny King Talks About Facing Jushin Liger, Embarassing Moments, More

Kenny King On Facing Jushin Liger, Embarassing Moments, More
Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR/Devin Chen

Ring Of Honor posted 10 Questions With Kenny King.  King discussed facing Jushin Thunder Liger at Death Before Dishonor, mainstream trends he doesn’t see the appeal of, embarrassing moments and more. Below are some highlights:

King On His Match With Liger:

I don’t know if I’ve ever been more honored at just a match announcement. I can’t imagine the pride and honor and humility I will feel just being able to step in the ring with a legend like Liger one on one. I am proud to be the one that Jushin “Thunder” Liger passes on the torch to. It’s not like physically he has a chance to beat me, so I will be honored to pin him after a spirited exhibition. I mean, come on, it’s not like he has a choice here.

King On His Most Embarrassing Moment In Wrestling:

My second-ever ROH match was in Chicago Ridge, Illinois. It was “Man Up.” I was in a tag team match with my partner Chasyn Rance against BJ Whitmer and Brent Albright. Chasyn had been getting his butt kicked pretty good. He found an opening and tagged me. I was fresh so I was doing my thing, sticking and moving, popping the big guys and keeping my distance. I found myself on the apron and readied myself to perform a springboard blockbuster on one of my opponents, and never quite stuck the springboard and crashed into the ring in front of a tough Chicago crowd. Yikes!

King On The Best Advice He Has Received:

I’ve been blessed. I’ve gotten invaluable advice from Hall of Fame sources. I mean, I was taught the art of the promo by the legendary Nick Bockwinkel. However, I’ll never forget what D-Lo Brown told me. “Never wrestle down to a guy. If he can’t keep up, leave his ass behind.”

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