Tommaso Ciampa Timothy Thatcher
Photo Credit: WWE

Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher Secure Win Against Grizzled Young Veterans Courtesy Of A Shoe Shot

Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher have become quite the tandem as they gave Grizzled Young Veterans a run for their money. Before the match began, James Drake and Zack Gibson made fun of the fans’ webbed feet before Thatcher and Ciampa sauntered their way out. The two babyfaces start off with the tilt in their favor as Grizzled Young Vets struggle to find their footing against the unorthodox Thatcher and unpredictable Ciampa. Gibson almost turns it around but both Thatcher and Ciampa give stereo beatdowns to the two Brits.

The tide began to turn when Drake grabbed hold of Thatcher’s ear and sent him face first into the middle rope. Gibson began working the ground game with a cravat. Ciampa does get that hot tag and chops the chest of Drake before relenting to Thatcher briefly. The two men sandwich Drake with some shots and a running knee nearly finishes James off.

The finish came when Thatcher had to handle both members of GYV after Ciampa was taken out by Drake at the commentator’s table. Ciampa tried to get back in the ring and it allowed Thatcher to nail Gibson with a shoe. He locked Gibson in the Fujiwa armbar for the W.

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