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Bryan Danielson Praises Hangman Page, Says The Crowd Reaction ‘Speaks Volumes’ About Him

Bryan Danielson looks forward to getting another shot at working with CM Punk.

Bryan Danielson was a recent guest on Casual Conversations with The Classic and spoke about Hangman Page’s progress in wrestling. Danielson considers Page, the current AEW World Champion, a homegrown talent and says that the connection he makes with fans is amazing to see.

“So I think Hangman Page is awesome. I think when people connect like that with a crowd, it becomes magic, right, like that’s what you want. And one of the cool things to me about Hangman Page is, he’s not somebody who had, you know, Kenny Omega had a name coming in. The previous champions, you know what I mean, you look at Jericho, you look at Moxley, and Kenny, and although Kenny wasn’t in WWE, Kenny had made a huge name for himself in Japan, all that kind of stuff. Hangman didn’t have that big of a name, you know, and so I look at him as an AEW homegrown star.

“And you know, it’s cool when I’m on a show…when he came out and he won [Casino Ladder Match on October 6] that he won to get the title shot, CM Punk and I were both on that show. The loudest reaction of that show was Hangman Adam Page. You know what I mean? And so it’s like, to me that’s super cool. And so I think that speaks volumes of him, as far as how he’s been able to progress and that sort of thing, and I think it speaks volumes of AEW, that they put him in a position where they trust him to do that because in AEW, being the world champion is a big thing.”

Bryan Danielson will challenge Hangman Page for the AEW World Championship on the December 15 episode of AEW Dynamite, which is being promoted as the second annual “Winter Is Coming” show.

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