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Richard Holliday Previews His MLW Fusion Fight With The ‘Undynastic’ Gino Medina, Says ‘He Never Tipped’

Richard Holliday makes it clear that “El Intocable” Gino Medina of Major League Wrestling is indeed untouchable by Dynasty standards.

Holliday is set to defend his (suspiciously acquired) IWA Puerto Rico Caribbean Championship against his former Dynasty “bro” this Wednesday on MLW Fusion, but in a new interview with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo, Holliday blows up any notion that Gino was a “bro” in any form or fashion.

“Gino was and is not, ever my friend. So I’m not going up a former friend here. This is just somebody I used in The Dynasty to my advantage and I will openly say that and yeah, I can’t wait to slap some respect into his mouth,” Holliday stated flat out before further clarifying Medina not meeting Holliday’s high standards.

“He was just very undynastic. I brought him in and I expected a lot of out of him. I mean he did have a ton of promise, a ton of potential. I wouldn’t have scouted him or recruited him if he didn’t so I’m not going to come out here and publicly deny things like that. That would be foolish, right? I did recruit him to The Dynasty, that happened. That’s a fact, but like any great businessman, you learn. You learn along the way. His market was just trending downwards. He was just not dynastic. He wasn’t coming out to dinner for us. He never paid. He never bought a round, ever. He’s cheap.”

Did he tip?

“Never tipped. I always, always extra tipped and he never did because he was just undynastic he doesn’t know what to do. His sunglasses are fake, his suits never fit him properly, I mean have you heard of a tailor, Gino? It’s not that hard. You get the suit tailored. It should be custom! Anyway, whenever I found out his suits weren’t custom, I mean I blew a gasket there so all these memories are not fond thinking about Gino so I don’t want to talk about the undynastic things that he did anymore because there’s a litany of them, but just know he was not a fit for Dynasty and just good riddance overall.”

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

Could Richard indeed be saying good riddance to Gino’s title hopes? Find out this Wednesday on MLW Fusion and stay tuned for more of this interview as Holliday details his thoughts on new Dynasty members, his coffee preferences and plans after he’s done in the ring.

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