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The World Famous CB Seeks Birthday Independence At GCW Backyard Wrestling 3

World Famous CB’s Big Birthday At GCW Backyard Wrestling 3

For the first time The World Famous CB will be wrestling around his birthday and it’s gonna happen in a backyard. This Sunday July 4, Game Changer Wrestling will be celebrating America’s independence by putting on Backyard Wrestling 3 and the card is certainly going to be embracing every bit of that nostalgic environment.

CB’s 28th trip around the sun is July 3 and in an exclusive interview with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo, he noted that he’s never competed in the ring during his birthday. That all changes as he’s set to take on Nasty Leroy.

“It’s gonna be awesome to get to perform on it and they have so many insane matches,” CB said who’s never competed on a Backyard Wrestling card, but was an on-hand witness to last year’s festivities. “Like the entire show is going to be insane. Last year’s show was absolutely insane so I’m super pumped to see what they got this time. It’s going to be some wild stuff.”

In addition to CB’s match, set for the card is a buried alive match pitting Chris Dickinson (going under the alias “Paco Loco”) against “KC Kwik” and also featured is a  “brother vs. brother” bout between Otis White & Dexter White. Seeing how the backyard aspect unfold is what is so intriguing to CB.

“It’s really cool cause they go full force with like making it an actual backyard. It’s like every trope from backyard wrestling they present there and use in their matches. I like it cause it lets people creativity run with the show,” he said.

Does the birthday boy have a plan of attack when it comes to Nasty Leroy? You bet he does.

“I’m pretty open about my gameplan and I think the balls might be the way to go. That seems to be his weakness,” said CB.

Who’s balloon is going to get popped? You can find out by ordering GCW Backyard Wrestling 3 on FITE TV.

Start time is at 3 PM EST. You can check out our full interview with World Famous CB in the video above.

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