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Shayna Baszler: My Run With KAIRI Gets Rid Of The ‘You Can’t Wrestle’ Notion

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Shayna Baszler, who was asked which matches would best highlight her wrestling skills.

The February 17, 2023 episode of SmackDown saw Baszler and Rousey get jeered, and some fans even went as far as chanting “you can’t wrestle” while Rousey was in the ring. Baszler addressed those comments on episode #92 of WWE Die Woche and said (via POST Wrestling) that it’s funny because they are probably the only two women on the roster that have a deep knowledge of wrestling.

“It’s funny because, I don’t know, I’ll say this here but it’s funny because you’ll hear, ‘You can’t wrestle’ or people tell us (Baszler & Ronda Rousey) we can’t wrestle, learn how to wrestle, all we do is MMA but it’s like, we’re probably the only two girls in the locker room, maybe on the roster… that know how to do a double leg takedown. A real double leg, that’s wrestling, you know what I mean [Baszler smiled]? So it’s funny the way people think about us because we’re too good.”

Asked to pick a few matches that would prove the naysayers wrong, Shayna Baszler looked back to her NXT days, noting her rivalry with KAIRI in particular.

“Yeah, I think that a lot of my NXT matches [stand out]. My entire run with KAIRI, I think gets rid of that notion altogether. I think there’s — I had [NXT] Takeover 25 against IYO [SKY]. I think my cage match on NXT TV with IYO. I think my title match I had with Rhea on NXT TV [dispels that idea]. There’s a bunch, just do a little bit of research. I’m like the only one on the roster that knows how to do a real double leg [takedown]. Let’s talk about wrestling.”

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