Trent Seven

Trent Seven: The Undisputed Era Trilogy Is Some Of The Finest Tag Team Wrestling Ever

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Trent Seven, who picked some matches from his recent WWE run that highlight what he aims to bring to TNA Wrestling.

“Some of my finest work was unfortunately done in front of no one in the old BT Sports Studios. So if you want some hot, if you want some top-end Trent Seven one-on-one action,” he explained, “there’s JD McDonagh from the BT Sports Studios for NXT UK, where I fought him for the Cruiserweight Championship. A young gentleman called A-Kid, I fought him in the final of the Heritage Cup. That’s one of my best performances to date in my entire career, so I’ll stand by that one quite solidly.”

As for tag team wrestling, Trent Seven said some of his old Mustache Mountain work with Tyler Bate shows what his new team with Speedball Mike Bailey can do.

“If you want a taste of what Speedball Mountain can do, you can watch a little bit of Moustache Mountain [with Tyler Bate]. Our trilogy with The Undisputed ERA is, for me, some of the finest tag team professional wrestling I’ve ever seen,” he said. “I want to try and say that as humbly as I can. It was just an honor to be part of it. That’s the top feud and the top couple of singles matches.

“But you get a little bit more of a grizzled version of Trent Seven as well this year. A little bit more of a wily version of Trent Seven,” he added, “but definitely still as goal-orientated and still as focused as ever. The boys are off doing their thing, and it’s now time for Trent Seven to stand on his own two feet and grab some gold.”


Check out some free-to-watch, full-length matches from Trent Seven’s career below:

Joe Hendry vs. Trent Seven – KINGUIN PTW #3 LEGENDS, November 26, 2022

Trent Seven vs. Jordan Devlin – ICW Fight Club, March 10, 2017

Pete Dunne​ vs. Trent Seven vs. B.T. Gunn​ vs. Wolfgang​ – ICW: Shugs Hoose Party 4

Johnny Moss & Liam Slater vs. Moustache Mountain – WCPW True Legacy #1