(Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)

5 Times The Usos Proved That They’re The Best Tag Team In WWE

The Usos are homegrown WWE talent through and through. Beginning their journey in 2009, The Usos didn’t take too long to be called up to the main roster, but for a few years, they were just that – a part of the main roster. It took them a few years before they won championship gold, but after that, they never turned back.

Today, many argue that they’re the best tag team in WWE, and given their experience, skill and rapid improvement, it’s really hard to dispute the argument. The Usos have been on top of the tag team mountain for a while now and they’ve gone from “generic babyface tag team” to the hottest tag team in the company.

It all worked out with a matter of good timing and effort, but there’s no doubt that The Usos stepped up their game like no other team did (except The New Day). Like their family, they live and breathe wrestling, and here are five times where The Usos proved to be the kings of the WWE tag division.

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