A British Point of View: What’s the Point of the Draft?

A look at tonight’s draft and whether we really need it…

Tonight on RAW is the WWE’s annual Draft. Every year Superstars get switched between different shows to give them new opponents to face. My question is, is this really important anymore?

The only 2 major moves in a WWE draft that have not happened so far are Undertaker to RAW and John Cena moving back to Smackdown. These drafts I cannot see happening no matter how much WWE throw Miz down our throat.

Either way I have to think for a few seconds for most Superstars to think what show they are on because they have either been on both shows so many times in the past or they appear on both no matter who they are drafted too.

This should be the time that WWE considers scraping the brands. Many people have jumped down my throat for suggesting such a thing because they feel that having separate rosters provides more time for the smaller stars. I agree that it can get you more people on the screen within a week but also remember that for many years WWE/WWF never had brands and it managed to create stars quite easily.

The roster doesn’t look strong enough at this time to have two complete rosters. Even if you unified the World titles and joined everyone together that doesn’t mean that every wrestler has to be on both Smackdown and RAW every week. You can use one show to highlight something that has happened on one show and you will now have double the time to develop some storylines going into PPV’s instead of just your one brand of show.

The average timeline is 3 shows for a storyline going into a PPV for one brand but if you combine it then it will obviously give you 6 shows. That’s more than enough time to build some decent TV. If your storyline doesn’t need that many shows then just use 4 or 5 of them and use one show to push something else. This would give the chance to give more of a meaning to the mid card and to the Intercontinental Championship or dare I say the Tag Team Division.

This is the first year where the Draft doesn’t feel like it has had a build up. This could be due to WWE trying to keep things hush hush for a big shocker or it could be purely to dilute your disappointment from tonight’s show.

The only wrestler that has stood out to me this week for a definite move is Drew McIntyre to RAW. His performance on Smackdown this week made him look ready for the next step. Apart from that all I can see is the same old. Big Show, John Morrison and R Truth have all been mentioned but they have been on both shows and don’t really jump out at me.

My feeling may have changed by the end of the show but at this stage I think tonight seems to feel like a formality rather than an extravaganza.

If you have any thoughts or want to express your feeling during the show you can catch me on my Twitter account tonight as I will be tweeting my way through the show at @BeansOnToastUK or you can email me at beansontoastuk@msn.com


P.S. If Jim Ross gets drafted to a show so we can hear him again every week then I’ll be a very happy man!