More Ridicule For TNA, Booker T & Kevin Nash Notes, More



…and as usual, the wounds are self-inflicted.


Only the stupidest, most dense idiots in the history of wrestling would head into a re-launch angle without having all the protagonists under contract. Whoever’s responsible for letting Nash and Booker slip through the cracks to the Royal Rumble – an event TAILOR-MADE for such a poach – SHOULD BE FIRED.


But they won’t be. For one thing, that would entail taking responsibility. Nobody does that in TNA.


For another, this setback won’t deter anyone at TNA from being united in their common cause: MILKING THAT DUMB SKIRT AND HER ENABLING FATHER DRY.


Dixie Carter’s stupidity is damn near magnificent. Either her top administrators are totally incompetent or they’re running a con. Either way, she can’t see it.


Why would Nash and Booker go to WWE? A) More money and B) It’s the REAL SHOW. Deep down, everybody wants to be on the REAL SHOW.


Did Nash and Booker double-cross TNA? Are you really asking that question with a straight face?


Since TNA is not a legitimate threat to WWE, why would Vince McMahon do this? BECAUSE HE CAN. Kinda fun, too.


This spectacle trumps even TNA’s "Anarchy in the UK" tour starring Ric Flair and road manager Craig Jenkins. I’ve not talked to Flair since this nonsense went down, but here’s what protocol and common sense dictate: When the legend wants a cash advance, the pissant road manager gives him the cash advance, and with a smile on his face. Flair = GREATEST EVER. Pissant road manager = NOBODY.