No One Expected It: (Kevin Kelly Throws Up on TNA)

No One Expected It

By Kevin Kelly

After a long series of matches that took significant emotional and physical toll, Jeff Hardy shocks his fans and turns on them, siding with the Evil Empire in order to get what he wanted but couldn’t achieve on his own. Fans cried, screamed in agony and looked ready to riot.

When none of that happened for Jeff Hardy’s turn this past Sunday, I knew I was watching TNA.

I rarely comment on TNA out of respect to the wrestlers who compete there and for fear of being persecuted by PETA, who frown upon beating a dead horse but I can’t take it anymore. What a steaming pile of stupidity!

I don’t know who to blame so I will blame everyone. Like lepers in Biblical times, these offending parties need to be separated from anything resembling wrestling going forward, for fear of contaminating the healthy.

But sadly, lecherous vampires have sucked most of the life from the wrestling business over the past twenty years… from TV executives, sneering at what inexplicably draws great ratings to money marks and jock sniffers who want to be a part of the show. What is left is a shell of a once great host body. Still breathing but severely weakened, needing a blood transfusion of common sense.