WrestleZone’s Depth Chart Results – Sheamus or CM Punk?

The Depth Chart — Issue #5 — @MikeKillam

Welcome to the re-launch of The Depth Chart, exclusively on Wrestlezone.com! From now on, I’m bringing you our list of the Top 10 in WWE & TNA each and every week, with a big Fan Special every month after every WWE Pay Per View. 

Who Didn’t Make the Cut? 

From TNA: Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson and Devon. While the current TNA TV Champion has been on fire, the title just isn’t near important enough to beat out our Top 10. Jeff Hardy may have picked up the win against Kurt Angle at Lockdown (that’d be why Angle isn’t on the list), but him and Anderson have been on a losing streak every since. 

From WWE: Cody Rhodes & Dolph Ziggler. Both of these men might just become the future of pro wrestling, but since WrestleMania neither have been impressive. Cody did regain his Intercontinental Championship, but not at the risk of looking like a human punching bag in the process. 

Bully Ray10) Bully Ray: Bully is one of the most entertaining guys in TNA, if not the whole of professional wrestling, which is exactly why he’s on this list. Wins and losses aren’t everything – sometimes cutting brilliant promos one after another is enough. Clearly. But with a team loss at Lockdown and another recent loss to Devon (really?) I just can’t justify him being any higher on the list… 



9) Austin Aries: I never gave Aries more than a passing glance, until he started this program with Bully Ray. Granted, before Bully the best in TNA he’d had to work with was the extremely lackluster X-Division. In recent months Aries has shown what he can do both in the ring and on the mic when he’s working with a main event level talent. He may have lost a match (and almost his tights) to Bully on Impact, but he’s still a Champion, and his team came out on the winning end at Lockdown.