Title This: WWE Smackdown Reaction 8/10/12

WWE SmackdownOpening Segment:

What I Liked:

Booker T opens the show and talks about Sheamus' damage to Del Rio's car. I liked the beginning because Booker used his power and really started off the night with the biggest story on Smackdown. You need to keep the steam going from Raw and progress it to tonight. Alberto Del Rio is finally doing more in a feud that a simple "I want the title because it is my destiny." Sheamus is more comical than usual, which shows more of his character. He is beginning to evolve and I think this benefits him in the long run. Furthermore, you are getting the classic power struggle between employee and boss. That never gets old and is working better now that a former wrestler, like Booker T, is in charge over a push over like Teddy Long.

What I Disliked:

I want to see the fans connect more with Del Rio, but it just simply is not happening. He has the same monotone voice each week and never really draws the interest because of what he says. He is a great wrestler, no doubt, but that is all he has. There is not someone that legit hates Del Rio, and we need to because he is booked as a heel.