Glenn Beck

Who is Glenn Beck? (How WWE & Steve Austin Have History With Him)

With Beck’s juice in the media and pop culture greatly reduced from his peak in 2010, why did WWE decide to pick up on Glenn Beck’s knocking of their gimmick for Jack Swagger and Dutch Mantell? It’s an old grudge…

Back when Stone Cold was raising hell, middle fingers and Steveweisers, a new talk show host in New Haven, CT got an interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin for his show on 960AM. Instead of promoting Austin, the number one star in the business at the time, the host decided to play games and knock Stone Cold for “corrupting children”.

That’s right…Glenn Beck, who was a morning show a-hole on KC101 FM was then flipping over to AM on a low-powered talker and decided he was going to try and cut his teeth as an antagonist on Austin.

Steve didn’t play along, the interview was cut short and Beck looked like a d-bag. Beck even got in a fight… a physical altercation with one of the station’s staffers about how badly he mangled the interview. Beck even had to apologize, I believe, after the fact to save face for the stations.

Vince never forgets anything, especially when someone in the media decides to mistreat the WWE audience. Now, it’s one thing for the WWE to treat their audience like simpletons and dolts but how dare some former big shot who jumped the shark when he left Fox play the WWE fans for rubes?

I loved what Michael Cole did yesterday because the company looked like it had balls but kept it classy. Vince has the bully pulpit but why give Beck the rub? To me, he needs the WWE more than the WWE needs Beck. It’s not 2010 anymore when Beck got 100,000 to line the National Mall in DC. From the looks of that video, he’s got a bunch of zit faced kids working for him. At least Howard Stern has Ronnie Mund…

If Vince wanted relevance, he’s book an angle with Honey Boo Boo. We’re in an era of the low-information voter. The lowest common denominator.

So, I ask the question again, “Who is Glenn Beck?” because the answer escapes me. Vince loves to have his balls busted because it makes him want to fight. But this time, he’s fighting a guy who’s already lost.

Maybe Beck could get back on KC101? Call Vinnie Penn… put the band back together.

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