Brooke Hogan

Brooke Turns, Then Turns Back

But Hogan’s next “one more match” figures to pit Hogan against son-in-law Bully Ray at TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV in October.

Before that happens, there are certain questions Hogan should ask himself:

What if it doesn’t work? What if the buildup doesn’t swell TV ratings? What if the PPV buyrate doesn’t increase? Is Hogan of any further use to TNA?

These are all moot points, of course, but they want me to write at least 200 words. Hogan is of no use to TNA now. Hogan takes out more money than he draws. Barring the arrival of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin or a similar brand, there’s nothing TNA can possibly do to move the needle, and that includes Hogan’s “last match.” Dixie Carter is a Hogan mark, anyway. That won’t change.

So, as it turns out, Hogan takes no risk by having “one more match.” But there won’t be any reward, either.

TNA has teased Brooke Hogan turning on Hulk. “Brooke…are you still in love with him?” Brooke, of course, will turn on her father. Then, at Bound For Glory, she will turn on Bully Ray and help Hulk win the match. IT WAS A RUSE ALL ALONG! THE HOGANS STICK TOGETHER!

This, of course, will prove that Hulk is a great family man no matter what his ex-wife says. That’s been the point of this whole angle from Day One.

It would be great if Brooke – by way of fooling Aces & Eights, of course – became a proper motorcycle chick, having sex with the entire club at Bully Ray’s request. Hey, it’s less lascivious than when Hulk rubbed suntan lotion on Brooke’s ass.

One problem: The winner of the Bound For Glory series gets a title shot at said PPV. How does Bully Ray defend the belt vs. Hogan AND vs. the BFG series winner? Hogan winning the world championship at 60 is a key component of all this, so Bully Ray won’t drop the strap before facing Hogan.

BTW, the idea of ANYONE being a world champ at 60 is laughable, let alone a BALD CRIPPLE. The ego inherent with all this is MIND-BOGGLING.

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