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Isenberg Reacts: Impact Wrestling “Two Faces On The Rapid Rise”

Lashley defeated Bram

impact wrestling

A hard hitting match between Bram and Lashley kicked off the in-ring action on Impact Wrestling. Bram was in control with some dirty tactics, including some eye gauges and a few nice clotheslines. Lashley hits a delayed vertical suplex and then falls to the outside. Eric Young distracts him and then Bram hits a running knee. Bram continues the assault until Lashley hits a forearm to his head. EY gets involved, but accidentally hits Bram. He gets speared and then Bram gets speared. Lashley picks up the win.

Two heavyweights do battle and do battle well. Lashley looks to be getting pushed back up to the top with a few wins put together. With a new relationship brewing, tonight was about his in-ring abilities. His athleticism and timing was great tonight. Is this the beginning of the end for Young and Bram? I sure hope not, as they can have so much potential as a successful tag team. They are fresh and unique, new to the audience (together) and have a similar look.

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The Miracle Steps in Kurt’s Ring

Kurt Angle talks about what he has accomplished and looks forward to his matches. The Miracle and Maria come out and interrupt. Mike Bennett comes in the ring and talks about idolizing Kurt growing up and saying he always wanted to beat him. Kurt warns him to get out of his face and then Maria says she has the miracle with her. Angle says she has bad taste in men and then clotheslines Bennett to the outside.

Great promo work from Maria and Mike Bennett tonight. You just FEEL that he is going to be a big deal in TNA. He has not been really exposed to what he is capable of and that is a good thing. Book him similar to EC3, especially looking and seeing that he is a top 3 star in the company right now. Bennett can have some great matches, but it is all about the storytelling for him in TNA right now. Continue this development and continue the added details of him and Maria. Kurt is a great person to spat with for 5-10 minutes.

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