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The Top 10 TNA Wrestling PPV Events of All-Time

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TNA Wrestling has a rich history of legendary matches, and most of them happened on Pay-Per-View (PPV). In the beginning, the heads of TNA Wrestling decided that the company would not be reliant on television, but go straight to PPV. After two years of exclusive PPV shows, they started with their own TV program TNA iMPACT.

We all know how one simple thing can make or break the show. Give your fans a good ending, and you can count on their loyalty, even if there are no champions or popular characters involved. Not that their weekly shows haven’t had their share of great moments, but PPVs brought so many tense matches throughout the TNA Wrestling existence, it’s only natural to count them on here just in case some of you missed the action. After all, everybody deserves a second chance!

Arguably, these are the top 10 TNA Wrestling PPV events you should not have missed.

  1. TNA Final Resolution (2005)

The first annual event under the Final Resolution chronology had nine matches altogether, but two stole the show. Ultimate X match, in which A.J. Styles defeated Chris Sabin and the champion; Petey Williams was the first one. And an awesome tag team match for the NWA World Tag Team Championship, where America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm) defeated Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Eric Young) in front of an insane crowd that heated up the whole event.