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Isenberg Reacts: WWE RAW “Attacks, Beatings and Chaos”

A Night of Calculated Attacks


It was a night of WWE RAW with multiple attacks, giving four storylines another boost in their intrigue, depth and development. Let’s talk about Big Cass and Enzo Amore. Both men on RAW came to the ring and Enzo talked about how they were family, how this is real and how he knows that Big Cass cares about the people cheering and booing him. Big Cass talks to Enzo and then apologizes, saying he was wrong and he is sorry. This leads to them spelling it out for us, walking up the stage and Cass attacking once again. He clotheslines Enzo and then tosses him down the ramp.

For what it is worth, I really like the tease tonight and think writing off Enzo Amore for a few weeks would not be a bad thing. Next week needs to be a big moment, where Big Cass possibly attacks him outside of the arena and have Amore gone for a few weeks. While this is happening, get Cass his own music, new gear and ramp up their feud payoff for SummerSlam. Big Cass has dollar signs written all over him. The tease tonight was a solid way of remembering how good both of these men are as actors.

WZ 7.5

Goldust and R-Truth are another tag team that split up and The Golden Age is back. An old school look from Goldust was a nice touch, but his aggression in the ring before the bell was even better. They gave him his own cameraman and have been giving him plenty of time to make this work. I, along with many in the wrestling community, is enjoying this. After Truth, what else happens? Do we get a mid card title opportunity for Goldust? Hell, I would not even hate an Ambrose vs. Goldust type of feud for both involved. Whatever the situation is, I do think Goldust has another run left in him before he transitions into a backstage role. Give him that opportunity to do it.

WZ 6

Samoa Joe attacked Universal Champion Brock Lesnar on WWE RAW as he was making his way down to the ring. Keeping it simple, Joe attacked and choked out the champion, to the point where Lesnar’s face and neck turned red and blue. Giving the feud some unleashed aggression and feeling more like an MMA fight is the perfect way to build both men up. This might be the first time in a while where someone has aggressively taken it to Lesnar in a way that looks real. Yes, we saw Goldberg get the upper hand, but this feels and looks so much better. If this is a one-off match, WWE is doing a hell of a job having Samoa Joe step up to the level of competition.

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