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Isenberg Reacts: WWE RAW “Massive Main Event Preludes a New Champion”

Roman Reigns and John Cena Battle Again

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WWE RAW started off with John Cena vs. Jason Jordan in a solid 20 minute match that was booked really well. Similar to what WWE tried to do with young talent against Cena a year ago, they let Jason Jordan showcase how good his offensive skill set is, while John Cena continues to always deliver a solid match. I loved Jordan’s two suplex combination which let to a spear and a near victory. Cena battled back and Jordan’s one mistake led to an AA and a win for John Cena.

Roman Reigns would be the next man out, asking how it took Cena 20 minutes to beat a rookie. Cena goes on to bash Roman even more, but Roman does not back down. Both men look at each other and say that they do not respect the other man. Reigns tells Cena to do something about it, but ends up with no physical confrontation.

Two weeks in a row and this feud immediately gets more personal. Neither man is backing down and WWE is letting them rip each other to shreds, which is exactly what the WWE Universe wants to hear. I think it is amazing to see how better Roman is when he is able to speak the truth about things and not have every word scripted like he is a superhero. With a solid win for Cena over a bright star in Jason Jordan, I would love to see Roman battle through someone of similar status next week. Let the script flip and then the go-home show be the only show we see some sort of fight.

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Cesaro and Sheamus defeated Rhyno and Heath Slater

A very average tag team match featuring the number one contenders, but Sheamus and Cesaro are in a really good place right now. They are constantly on television and showcasing their ability, continuing to add heel type moves on their opponents and also making sure that they get booked with the hottest tag team in the game. Seth and Dean battling these guys could turn into something that lasts 2-3 months if WWE wants it to.

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