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New Japan Need To Watch (6/3) Best Of Super Juniors *No Spoilers*

marty scurll
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New Japan Pro Wrestling wrapped up the round robin portion of the Best Of Super Juniors tournament. Since the show began at 5:30am EDT, here’s a spoiler-free match listing for all the non-nite-owl New Japan fans. The event is available on NJPWWorld.com.

FIRST MATCH: Tiger Mask IV (6 pts) vs. ACH (4 pts)

A solid opener that highlights two of the stars of A Block. Tiger Mask has been a wily veteran, whereas ACH has been a plucky underdog, with an arm held together by chewing gum. A great way to start a night of wild action.

Need To Watch Rating: (7.9)

SECOND MATCH: BUSHI (6 pts) vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru (4 pts)

Another fantastic entry in the LIJ/Suzuki-gun war. Recommended viewing.

Need To Watch Rating: (8.0)

THIRD MATCH: Ryusuke Taguchi (4 pts) vs. Chris Sabin (6 pts)

Taguchi proves that he’s still the genius he’s always been, while Chris Sabin continues to deliver in every moment of his NJPW return.

Need To Watch Rating: (8.1)

FOURTH MATCH: Dragon Lee (6 pts) vs. El Desperado (4 pts)

This is a match that many will talk about, and it deserves it. A brutal battle between two of Hiromu Takahashi’s greatest rivals. Seek. Out. This. Match. Cannot be missed.

Need To Watch Rating: (10.1)

FIFTH MATCH: Flip Gordon (6 pts)  vs. Will Ospreay (8 pts)

Flip Gordon is truly loved by Japan. Here he makes a case for Ospreay’s successor, should Ospreay head to the Heavyweight division. Seek. Out. This. Match.

Need To Watch Rating: (10.0)

SIXTH MATCH: Yoh (6 pts) vs. Taiji Ishimori (8 pts)

Yoh’s lack of a finishing move made this match even more dramatic. Every nearfall feels like it could be the one to end Ishimori’s hopes at the finals. Definitely a must see encounter.

Need To Watch Rating: (9.9)

SEVENTH MATCH: Sho (4 pts) vs. Marty Scurll (8 pts)

The Roppongi 3K boys have cemented themselves as bona fide singles stars after this tournament, and this match is proof. Seek. Out. This. Match.

Need To Watch Rating: (10.0)

MAIN EVENT: KUSHIDA (8 pts) vs. Hiromu Takahashi (8 pts)

Another entry in this epic rivalry, one that sees them work a much more deliberate pace than their whirlwind matches from 2017. I’m sure your sick of reading these words, but Seek. Out. This. Match.

Need To Watch Rating: (10.0)