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Maxxine Dupri Sees The Ocean Cyclone Suplex As A Signature Move Going Forward

Maxxine Dupri won her debut match in WWE, picking up the win with the Ocean Cyclone Suplex. The move is known as a signature move of Japanese legend Manami Toyota. Few wrestlers have used it since her, but Maxxine broke out the move to pin Valhalla on RAW.

During a new interview with WrestleZone, Maxxine credited “Coach Gable” with introducing the move to her arsenal. She also commented on the fan reaction to her using the move. 

“I’m stoked. I’m grateful that my coach taught it to me and that I was able to execute it successfully and get the win with it,” Maxxine explained. “I think it’s going to be a signature move for me [going forward].”

Asked if she had a name in mind rather than calling it the Ocean Cyclone Suplex, Maxxine Dupri said Alpha Academy has “some things in the works.”

“It’s got to get approved [too],” Otis added. 

Academy Rules

It seems as if the Academy is done with the Viking Raiders for now. Chad Gable said he still had an idea for a match that would be fun to see Erik and Ivar in.

“My thought was after the ‘Viking Rules’ match, those morons wouldn’t leave us alone. I thought we were finally done with them. But if they wanted one more match, we would do an ‘Academy Rules’ match. It would be climbing the rope like in gym class and the winner would have to climb the rope and ring the bell. I think there’s big money in watching guys like Ivar and Otis climb a gym class rope. 

“The good news is I finished them last week, so now they’re done,” Maxxine Dupri added.