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Legion Of Doom’s 5 Greatest Moments In WWE

The Road Warriors were absolute top draws in the territory days. Influenced by the Mad Max movie The Road Warrior, the two would embark on a journey across the territories that would see them become the most popular tag team in the wrestling world. In fact, they were supposed to join the WWF in the mid-1980s and even had a meeting with Vince McMahon.

However, they requested for guaranteed contracts, something that the WWF just wasn’t offering at the time. Despite this, they would continue to dominate and make an impact on the outside, eventually signing with the company in 1990. It’s believed that Demolition was created as an alternative to the Road Warriors, and they did succeed in their own right, becoming record-breaking tag team champions (a record that lasted all the way up till late 2016).

The Road Warriors and Demolition did clash in the WWF, but the feud didn’t turn out to be as ground-breaking as expected. It wasn’t long after that the Warriors, then renamed Legion of Doom after joining WWF, would go on to the tag team title picture. They’ve had some great moments in the WWF, and we take a look at the best ones.

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#5.) Return at WrestleMania VIII

Legion of Doom would win the tag titles in the summer of 1991 and had a strong run before dropping it to Money Inc. in early 1992. They briefly left the company, but just two months later, they returned in an interview at WrestleMania VIII.  While they didn’t get to wrestle or have their moment on the big stage that year, it was great to see them back with Ellering.

This was also when they introduced the ventriloquist dummy “Rocco”, a gimmick that didn’t last all too long. While their run was cut short that year mainly due to Hawk leaving, the WrestleMania moment was undoubtedly a memorable one.

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